6th Award

Best Chinese Children's Picture Book Award

About The Grandmother's Horse

The book "The Grandmother's Horse"  tells a story that the grandson who is xiaodongxi spent a happy holiday time in the grandmother's house. It begins with the boy's favorite game which is horse-raising, and delicately portraying the images of a kindly grandmother and a naughty and cute little grandson. Normal family life shows the love and care between the grandparents and grandchildren. The unique way of parenting and the unique family emotion about Chinese families show the real, simple and touching life of people of contemporary China.

Outstanding Chinese Children's Picture Book Award

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Available in Chinese only.

Rules and Judging Guidelines

  • One “Feng Zikai Award Winner”: The award winner will receive US$20,000 grant and an award trophy. Should the author and the illustrator be different, the grant will be shared equally. The organizer will purchase 1,000 copies of the award winner to schools for education and reading promotion.
  • Four “Feng Zikai Honor Books” (the actual number will be based on the quality of entries): Each winner will receive US$5,000 grant and an award trophy.The organizer will purchase 500 copies of each award winner to schools for education and reading promotion.

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