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Best Chinese Children's Picture Book Award

About Where Does Rice Come From

Where Does Rice Come From? explains in great detail the hard work that goes into making the rice that fills so many bowls around the world each and every day.Young readers will learn about the various tools farmers use, the weather conditions necessary for a successful crop, the names of the parts of the plant, and the many different stages a seed must go through before it actually becomes a grain of rice.

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Rules and Judging Guidelines

  • One “Feng Zikai Award Winner”: The award winner will receive US$20,000 grant and an award trophy. Should the author and the illustrator be different, the grant will be shared equally. The organizer will purchase 3,000 copies of the award winner to schools for education and reading promotion.
  • Four “Feng Zikai Honor Books” (the actual number will be based on the quality of entries): Each winner will receive US$5,000 grant and an award trophy.

The prize money and the purchase of 3,000 copies of the winning books are sponsored by the Tencent Charity Foundation.

Fok Yuk Ying

Preliminary and Final Judge


Preliminary Judge

Zheng Feng

Preliminary Judge

Qian Shu Ying

Preliminary Judge

Zhao Yichao

Preliminary Judge

Wang Zhigeng

Final Judge

Lu Jingren

Final Judge

Kathleen Ahrens

Final Judge

Sarah Ko

Final Judge

Jimmy Liao

Final Judge

Shu-ling Yen

Final Judge