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Best Chinese Children's Picture Book Award

About A New Year's Reunion

Chinese New Year is here, and father is coming home after working out of town for a family reunion. But when the story's little girl Maomao sees her father, she feels like they're strangers. However, after wearing the jacket her father bought her, watching him fix the house and riding on his shoulders…she slowly builds up her and learns the love and trust she has for her father. The most important part of the story is hidden within the rice ball's coin: the father puts a lucky coin in a sticky rice ball, Maomao eats the rice ball and offers the coin to her father, which brings hope for a good new year. Through a coin, the author expresses the care, appreciation, and affection a child holds deep in their heart.

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Outstanding Children's Picture Book Award


Judging Panel

Comment from the Judging Panel

Words from the 1st Award Judging Panel

The judging panel of The First Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Book Award comprises eight judges from different regions and backgrounds, and with different sense of beauty and humor. The involvement of the assessment is, to each one of us, an invaluable opportunity to examine, think and interact with each other. We have read 158 original Chinese children's picture books which are preliminary award nominees published cross-Strait during 2004-2008. We agree and believe that, after a period of searching and foreshadowing, the creation of original Chinese children's picture books have come to the stage where creativity and style are distinct, the comprehension and practice of a picture book's feature and rhythm are better, and the literary and artistic qualities are elevating.

Rules and Judging Guidelines

  • One “Best Children's Picture Book Award”, which the winner will be awarded a Cash Prize of USD 20,000 and a Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award Emblem and Trophy. If the writing and the illustration are not produced by the same person, the Cash Prize shall be split equally between the writer and illustrator.
  • One “Judging Panel's Recommended Illustration Award” and one “Judging Panel's Recommended Writing Award” (Presentation of these two awards or not depends on quality of the entries for the year), where the winners will be each awarded a Cash Prize of USD 10,000 and a Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award Emblem and Trophy.

Fang Weiping

1st Award Judge

Zhu Ziqiang

1st Award Judge

Fok Yuk Ying

1st Award Judge

Tse Ka Li

1st Award Judge

Sandra Lee

1st Award Judge

Song Pei

1st Award Judge

Sarah Chien-Hua Ko

1st Award Judge

Fiona Feng-hsin Liu

1st Award Judge