About the Award

Mission and History

We hope to continuously encourage and invest in creative talent, and to help promote the publication and wide distribution of high-quality Chinese children's picture books, along with their importance in childhood literacy.

The Award and Feng Zikai

Feng Zikai Children's Picture Book Award -

the first international Chinese children's picture book award

Mr. Feng Zikai cared about children in his entire life. With the support and permission of his daughter, Ms. Feng Yiyin, the Award is honored to be named after Mr. Feng Zikai.



Award Committee and Supporting Organisations

Mrs. Daisy Chen


Mr. James Chen

Board member

Mrs. Su Chen

Board member

Mr. Philip Sohmen

Board member

Ms. Annie Ho

Board member

Ms. Yu-Hwei Chen

Board member

Ms. Ada Tse

Board member

Ms. Wen Li

Board member