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Judge 5th

Fok Yuk Ying

Preliminary and Final Judge
Associate Professor in the Education University of Hong Kong

Zheng Feng

Preliminary Judge
Writer,Board Member of the Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award

Qian Shu Ying

Preliminary Judge
Associate Dean of Children's Cultural Research Institute and Director of Children's Literature Institute

Zhao Yichao

Preliminary Judge

Wang Zhigeng

Final Judge
Research Librarian of National Library, the director of NLC Children's Library

Lu Jingren

Final Judge
Book Designer, Illustrator

Kathleen Ahrens

Final Judge
Professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sarah Ko

Final Judge
Children's book critic

Jimmy Liao

Final Judge
Taiwanese Picture Book Writer

Shu-ling Yen

Final Judge
Children's reading promoter