Mission and History


The award aims to honor writers and illustrators for their creation of distinctive Chinese children's picture books, to encourage publishers to publish original Chinese children's picture books, and to engage the public in valuing and reading original Chinese children's books.

Mr Chen Yet Sen


"To do good and to make things better for all."

Chen Yet-Sen

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation was established in Hong Kong, 2003. Since then, the foundation has been committed to promoting children's reading and parent-child reading, as well as establishing children's libraries in rural China and Africa. While promoting children's reading, the Foundation noticed that the number of original Chinese children's books was greatly outnumbered by the number of translated children's books. To encourage the public in valuing original Chinese children's books, the Foundation established the Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award with the sponsorship from Mrs. Daisy Chen and assistance of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong Limited. This is the first international Chinese children's picture book award with the highest grants to the winners.

Mrs. Daisy Chen

“Benefiting Children of Chinese Community with Distinguished Original Chinese Picture Books.”

Mrs. Daisy Chen ( Sponsor )

I often see my grandchildren having their nose in picture books. I am always curious to know what appeals to them. After participating in the voluntary work of the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation and Bring Me A Book Hong Kong, I started to realize children would never get bored of distinctive children's books. Every time they read the same book, they would gain new reading experience. Among all the children's books, my grandchildren mostly listen to and read Where the Wild Things Are, Charlotte's Web, George and Martha Round and Round, etc.

The staff of the Foundation later found that the majority of distinctive Chinese children's books are actually translated versions; these books can never show their originality after translation. In view of this, when the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation planned to set up an award that is similar to the Caldecott Medal to encourage original Chinese children's books, I showed my full support by sponsoring all awards with the hope that all children of the Chinese community, my grandchildren included, are able to read more distinctive original Chinese children's books with this Award.

I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to Ms Feng Yiyin and her family for granting the name of the Award after Mr. Feng Zikai.